On Feb 12, 2011 at Snowbird, a few dozen experienced people from various backgrounds will meet join in dialog and celebration on the 10th year anniversary of the writing of the manifesto. Our starter challenge is to address these three questions, which have deliberately been chosen to be broader than agile development:

  1. What problems in software or product development have we solved (and therefore should not simply keep re-solving)?
  2. What problems are fundamentally unsolvable (so therefore we should not keep trying to “solve” them)?
  3. What problems can we sensibly address – problems that we can mitigate either with money, effort or innovation? (and therefore, these are the problems we should set our attention to, next.)

What is YOUR answer to those questions? Or, if you think those are the wrong questions for us to address, what questions do you suggest?

See what others have written and post your own response!